Stoss Pass

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Stoss Pass
Stoss Pass
Elevation 942 m (3,091 ft)
Location Switzerland
Range Alps
Coordinates 47°21′39″N 9°29′42″E / 47.36083°N 9.49500°E / 47.36083; 9.49500Coordinates: 47°21′39″N 9°29′42″E / 47.36083°N 9.49500°E / 47.36083; 9.49500

Stoss Pass (el. 942 m.) is a mountain pass between the cantons of Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden in Switzerland.


On June 17, 1405 during the Appenzell Wars, there was a battle on the pass between 400 soldiers from Appenzell and 1200 Habsburg and abbatial soldiers. The Appenzellers were victorious and thereby won their independence from the Abbey of St. Gall. There is a monument on the site.

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