Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie

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For other Scouting and Guiding organisations in Poland, see Scouting and Guiding in Poland.
Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie
Headquarters 57 Hoża Street
Location Warsaw
Country Poland
Founded 15 April 1996
Membership 400
Chief Executive (Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie) phm. Magdalena Tchórznicka
Treasurer phm. Anna Miedzianowska
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Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie - scouting organisation founded in 1996 that continues work of male and female city’s central scout groups of ZHP (in Warsaw)

It is the only scout organisation in Poland where each scout can choose oath for his promise. One of them is a compulsory oath shared with other organisations; e.g., ZHP and ZHR. The second oath does not consist of any religious declaration but pledge strive for truth and justice perceived as universal values. Therefore, Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie is known to be open for unbelievers. However, it is openly admitted that Scouting and Guiding in Poland base on Christian values.

In Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie, there is about 400 members operating in scout teams on territory of Warsaw, Warka and Popław.

Charter Aims[edit]

Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie is an organisation presuming that scouting educational system is right and reliable method to mold someone’s personality. Its fundamentals rest on Polish scouting law and Polish scouting promise, assuming that the most fulfilling activity is to be on duty. Members of Stowarzyszenie Harcerskie are obliged to serve Poland, fellow creatures and, depending on personal beliefs, to serve God or universal values (truth and justice). The only requirement to become a member of SH is to willingly pursue perfection defined to be a desire to make the world and ourselves better.

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