Strømmen Stadion

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Strømmen Stadion
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LocationStrømmen, Norway
Coordinates59°56′23″N 11°00′13″E / 59.939661°N 11.003525°E / 59.939661; 11.003525Coordinates: 59°56′23″N 11°00′13″E / 59.939661°N 11.003525°E / 59.939661; 11.003525
Strømmen IF (football)
Team Strømmen (football)

Strømmen Stadion is a sports stadium in Strømmen, Skedsmo, Norway. It is currently used mostly for football matches, and is the home ground of Strømmen IF and women's Premier League team Team Strømmen.

The record attendance is about 14,000, from a 1957 cup match where Strømmen played Larvik Turn.[citation needed]

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