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Strabane transmitting station is located in Northern Ireland
Mast height 305.5 metres (1,002 ft)
Coordinates 54°47′58″N 7°23′19″W / 54.7994°N 7.3886°W / 54.7994; -7.3886Coordinates: 54°47′58″N 7°23′19″W / 54.7994°N 7.3886°W / 54.7994; -7.3886
Grid reference H393947
Built 1963
Relay of Limavady
BBC region BBC Northern Ireland
ITV region UTV

The Strabane transmitting station is a broadcasting and telecommunications facility located at Legfordrum and situated very close to the town of Strabane, in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland (Grid Reference: H393947, GNR: IH393947). It is owned and operated by Arqiva.

It includes a 305.5 metres (1,002 ft) high guyed steel lattice mast, which is the tallest structure in Ireland. The transmission antennas surmounting the structure are contained within a fibreglass cylinder. Constructed in 1963, it came into service on 18 February of that year.


It was originally commissioned by the Independent Television Authority to bring ITV signals (provided by Ulster Television) to the west of Northern Ireland, including the districts of Derry and Enniskillen on 405-line VHF, using Channel 8 (Band III). 405 line television was discontinued in the UK in 1985.

When UHF television came to Northern Ireland, main transmitters were commissioned at Limavady and Brougher Mountain, near Omagh. However this left a gap in the Strabane and Newtownstewart areas, so in July 1977 UHF television was added to the Strabane site. Due to the elevation of the antennas (584 m above sea level), a 2kW effective radiated power was sufficient to cover a very wide area, with coverage available well into County Donegal.

In 2001, the site was installed with a transmitter for Score Northern Ireland, a regional digital radio multiplex.

Digital switchover took place in Northern Ireland in October 2012, when analogue TV transmissions from this station were replaced by digital transmissions. The coverage area is approximately the same as the analogue services, and there are three digital multiplexes transmitted.

Services listed by frequency[edit]

Digital radio (DAB)[edit]

Frequency Block kW Operator
229.072 MHz 12D 5 Bauer Northern Ireland[1]

Digital television[edit]

Frequency UHF kW Operator System
618.166 MHz 39+ 0.4 BBC B DVB-T2
642.000 MHz 42 0.4 Digital 3&4 DVB-T
666.000 MHz 45 0.4 BBC A DVB-T

Analogue television[edit]

Frequency UHF kW Service
615.25 MHz 39 2 BBC One Northern Ireland
639.25 MHz 42 2 Channel 4
663.25 MHz 45 2 BBC Two Northern Ireland
695.25 MHz 49 2 UTV

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