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A man cannot fully spread his arms while on Strada Sforii

Strada Sforii (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈstrada ˈsforij], meaning "Rope Street", German: Fadengasse) is the narrowest street in the city of Brașov, Romania. It is believed to be one of the narrowest streets in Europe (L'Androuno, in France, Spreuerhofstraße, in Germany, and Parliament Street, in England, are narrower).

It is situated near Șchei Gate and it is perpendicular to Strada Cerbului (Stag Street). It was initially built as a corridor that firemen could use, and it is first mentioned in 17th century documents. Strada Sforii is now a tourist attraction and meeting spot. Its width varies between 111 and 135 centimetres (44 and 53 in), and it is 80 metres (260 ft) long.[1]


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Coordinates: 45°38′23″N 25°35′19″E / 45.63972°N 25.58861°E / 45.63972; 25.58861