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360 Photo of Stradone Village (December 2004)

Stradone (Irish: Sraith an Domhain, meaning "Recess of the Spider") is identified in the current County Cavan, Ireland, Development Plan 2003-2009 as a smaller urban community. These small communities are recognised as having what could be described as proto-urban characteristics and may provide a valued local retail service to the surrounding agricultural community.


Stradone is a small village approximately 10 km (6 mi) directly east of Cavan. It is located just off the National Route N3, Dublin to Cavan, where the Regional road R165 and Local Road (L-6046) converge. It is situated in the Stradone Local Electoral Area (part of the Cavan Rural Electoral Area).


The County Council estimates a population of approximately 60 persons living within the proposed development boundary.

Social and Community Facilities[edit]

The main focus of the village is Duke Park football pitch (home to Laragh United Gaelic Football Club) and the Stradone Community Centre, which contains a playschool, gym and shop and is therefore a valuable community building. There is no school or church within the village (these are located in the nearby Laragh area) and convenience retail is provided by the Post Office which is located beside The Cross’ public house outside the proposed village boundary.

The village provides mainly social and community services to the surrounding community. Stradone benefited from an urban renewal scheme in 2004 and this has resulted in a well kept, attractive village core with good street furniture and new planting which adds to the existing vernacular attributes of the village. The existing walls and two water pumps, as well as mature tree stands, are all well maintained and in good condition. The bridge over the Stradone River, on the local road L-6046-0, is an important feature in the village, as are the two water pumps, and Stradone House and Gate Lodge to the north of the village. The Stradone River contains a Brown Trout Fishery and suitable salmonid spawning nursery and adult habitat.

Services and Infrastructure[edit]

The proposed sewage treatment system will cater for a population equivalent of 400. The village is currently serviced by Clifferna Private Group Water Scheme. The Stradone Local Exchange is also broadband enabled.

The Garda station closed at the end of January 2013.[1]


The village is only served on a Tuesday and Thursday by the Bus Éireann Dundalk to Cavan route 166 at 11.22am to Cavan and 1.45pm to Dundalk via Bailieboro.[2] Some years ago Stradone used to be served by the Bus Éireann Cavan to Dublin bus.

Development Potential[edit]

The village is relatively static in terms of development, with little recent development. A proposed development boundary comprising circa 20 hectares has been identified as the area relevant to the village of Stradone. The development boundary will allow for future growth and development to occur in a way which is consistent with the principles of sustainable development and proper planning. This area comprises the existing village core of Stradone, as well as surrounding areas which are partially developed or are suitable for future development.

Future Development (Land Use Zoning)[edit]

The purpose of Land Use Zoning is to indicate the Planning Authorities intentions for Land within the Development Boundary for Stradone.

Circa 9 hectares have been identified as being suitable for residential development, with a maximum density of 8-10 units per hectare, which would give an estimated maximum population growth of 255 persons. This figure does not account for open space, service roads and other ancillary development, nor does it account for possible residential development within the village development area, village centre extension area or future development area. The scale of any developments will be monitored to ensure the population does not exceed the council treatment systems. The proposed developments will also have to contribute to the provision of additional infrastructural services when the capacity of the treatment systems are exceeded.

The plan aims to ensure that the future development of Stradone village occurs in a way that is consistent with the economic, social and physical sustainability of the village, and that while it promotes growth and development, it also ensures that the unique character and rural nature of the village is maintained.

Specific Objectives[edit]

Specific objectives have been created for several areas within the development boundary of the village.

  • Retain established tree stands within the proposed town boundary.
  • Provide a linear park / walkway along the Stradone River.
  • Encourage the extension of the walking route / trail linking the Gate Lodge to Black Fort (national monument CVD2S-061) and Lisnanagh Lough.
  • Encourage the re-development of vacant retail properties for future businesses (in the centre of village).
  • Retain and encourage the refurbishment and appropriate use of existing Gate Lodge and railings, Stradone House and auxiliary buildings in recognition of their contribution to the unique character of Stradone.
  • Retain stone walls, water pumps and vernacular architecture / streetscape, in recognition of their contribution to the unique character of Stradone.
  • Retain existing hedgerows.
  • Development shall be sympathetic to the topography and landscape (to the east and south-west of the village) which adequate provision of open space and community facilities.
  • Provide for appropriate traffic calming measures.


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