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This straight line diagram illustrates the stops on the Piccadilly Line, part of London's Underground.
This is a more accurately rendered map of the Piccadilly Line, showing curvature and the relative distance between stops. It illustrates why straight-line maps are more useful when only the sequence of stops is relevant.

A straight-line diagram (abbreviated SLD) is a diagram of a road where the road is shown as a straight line. Such diagrams are usually produced by a highway department, and display features along the road, including bridges and intersecting roads. Rows below the diagram show data about the road, usually including speed limit, number of lanes, bridge numbers, and historical data, among other data. Subway lines also frequently employ straight-line diagrams.

An internal SLD viewing system may also include links to other internal data, including photos or plans. Public SLDs are distributed in formats including PDF and TIFF.

In Australia, "strip maps", which serve a similar function, are distributed by state automobile associations.

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