Straight and Crooked Thinking

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Straight and Crooked Thinking
Straight and Crooked Thinking ISBN 0330241273.png
Author Robert H. Thouless
Language English
Genre Logic, psychology and education
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover and paperback)
Pages 261 pp
ISBN 0-330-24127-3
OCLC 1230940
LC Class BC108 .T48 1974

Straight and Crooked Thinking, first published in 1930 and revised in 1953,[1] is a book by Robert H. Thouless which describes, assesses and critically analyses flaws in reasoning and argument. Thouless describes it as a practical manual, rather than a theoretical one.


Thirty-eight fallacies are discussed in the book. Among them are:

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