Nevelskoy Strait

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Coordinates: 52°10′13″N 141°36′19″E / 52.17028°N 141.60528°E / 52.17028; 141.60528

The Strait of Tartary connects the Sea of Okhostsk to the Sea of Japan.
A satellite image of the Nevelskoy Strait

The Nevelskoy Strait (Russian: Пролив Невельско́го) is a strait between Eurasia and Sakhalin that connects the main body of the Strait of Tartary with the Amur Liman (Amur River estuary). It was named in memory of Capt. Gennady Nevelskoy who in 1849 definitively established that the Strait of Tartary is connected with the Amur estuary and thus is in fact a strait, and not a gulf.

Length: 56 km, width (narrowest): 7.3 km, fairway depth: 7.2 m.

The strait was a place for the contemplated Sakhalin Tunnel.