Strait of Tiquina

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Strait of Tiquina

The Strait of Tiquina is the passage that connects the larger and smaller parts of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. This is a land isthmus.


The strait is 850 m (2,790 ft) across at its narrowest point. It joins the upper lake, Lake Chicuito, and the lower (and smaller) lake, Lake Pequeno, or "little lake". The entire lake is called Lake Titicaca and is the largest lake, by volume, in South America. It is situated on the border of Bolivia and Peru.

To save the distance around Lago Pequeno, buses and cars cross the strait on barges or canoes, the passengers usually separate from the heavier vehicles.[1] The crossing runs between the towns of San Pedro de Tiquina and San Pablo de Tiquina.


Coordinates: 16°13′09″S 68°51′01″W / 16.2191°S 68.8504°W / -16.2191; -68.8504