Straits of Moyle

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View from Torr Head, County Antrim to the Mull of Kintyre, looking over the Straits of Moyle.

The Straits of Moyle (Sruth na Maoile in Irish and Scottish Gaelic) or Sea of Moyle is the name given to the narrowest expanse of sea in the North Channel between northeastern Northern Ireland (County Antrim) and southwestern highlands of Scotland (Mull of Kintyre). The distance between the two shores is approximately 12 miles (20 km) at its closest point, and thus it is possible to see across in clear weather conditions.

The Straits gave their name to Moyle District Council, a local government area in Northern Ireland, and are famed in Irish Celtic Mythology through their association with the Children of Lir.


Coordinates: 55°14′35″N 5°53′56″W / 55.24306°N 5.89889°W / 55.24306; -5.89889