Strand (island)

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Old Nordstrand (Strand) on a map by Joan Blaeu, 1662. The old shapes of Strand island can still be seen but the majority of the island is marked as submerged.
Bilingual map of Strand with German and Danish placenames

Strand was an island on the west coast of Nordfriesland in the Duchy of Schleswig, which was a fiefdom of the Danish crown. Now, the area belongs to Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany.

The island was formed[clarify] by the Grote Mandrenke, a huge storm tide that occurred on January 16, 1362.[clarification needed] Many villages and towns along the Danish coast, such as Rungholt, were lost. The island of Südfall was separated from the mainland.

In 1634, the Burchardi flood split Strand island into Nordstrand, Pellworm, and Nordstrandischmoor.


Coordinates: 54°32′N 8°47′E / 54.533°N 8.783°E / 54.533; 8.783