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A train crossing Strand Road towards the docks in 1989

Strand Road Crossing is a level crossing in Preston, Lancashire. It is situated on a freight-only branch line from Preston railway station which is used by trains serving Preston Docks. The Ribble Steam Railway terminates adjacent to the level crossing and it is proposed that a station should be built on the site.

Freight traffic[edit]

A Ribble Rail locomotive and bitumen tank wagons

The only regular freight traffic in 2015 is bitumen which is brought in 15 tank wagons from Lindsey Oil Refinery for Total three times each week. After crossing the road it is taken a short distance further to a group of three railway tracks. The main line locomotive switches to a train of empty wagons while a small diesel locomotive takes the full train on to the Lanfina Siding which is adjacent to Lockside Road near Preston Riverside station.[1]

Ribble Steam Railway[edit]

The Ribble Steam railway terminus at Strand Road

The railway lines around Preston Dock largely fell into disuse after the closure of the docks. A preservation group that was operating in Southport relocated to Preston in 1999 and started operations as the Ribble Steam Railway in 2005. Its operations base is at Preston Riverside but they run trains as far as Strand Road although there is no facility for locomotives to run round their train here.

The Riverside station is quite a way from Preston city centre, but proposals have been made for a platform to be constructed at Strand Road.[2] This would be close to the Portway terminus of the Preston park and ride service, Guild Wheel walking trail and the River Ribble.

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Preston Riverside   Ribble Steam Railway   Terminus


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