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Strands Recommender
Industry Software
Founded 2004 (2004)
Founder Francisco Martin
Headquarters San Francisco, United States
Number of locations
Madrid, Spain
Area served
Key people

Paul Kaye (General Manager of Strands Recommender)
Rick D. Hangartner (Chief Scientist)
Jim Shur (Chief Software Architect)
Paul Christian (Director of Client Services)

Wolfgang Bremer (Director of Design and User Experience)
Products Recommendation engine for eCommerce and content websites[1]

Strands Recommender is an SaaS plug-and-play recommendation engine that can be installed by eCommerce and content websites. The company is an independent business unit of Strands, Inc, founded in early 2004.[1]

Strands Recommender is based in San Francisco, United States, and in Madrid, Spain.

The service can either be implemented through the site’s API or with a widget plug-in.[2] Strands Recommender also offers shopping cart plug-ins for Demandware, Miva Merchant, and Magento stores.[3][4]


The recommendation engine on which Strands Recommender is based resulted from the idea of Francisco Martin, founder of Strands, Inc, to improve the recommendations available in iTunes by not only taking playcounts into account but people's behavior and their evolving tastes.[5][6]

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