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Strands Social Player
Developer(s)Strands, Inc.
Operating systemS40
S60, 3rd edition
BlackBerry OS
TypeMedia player
LicenseProprietary Edit this on Wikidata

The Strands Social Player by Strands, Inc. is a music player for mobile devices, which helps discovering new music, connecting with people, and sharing the user's tastes with friends. It was discontinued in July 2009.[1][2]


The Strands Social Player utilized the recommendation technology of Strands Recommender to provide artist and song recommendations. It also provided recommendations of people to follow based on ones listening behavior.[2]


The design of the Strands Social Player has been led by Wolfgang Bremer, currently Director of Design and User Experience at Strands, Inc.[3][4][5][6]


  • Orange Innovation Contest - Winner[7][8]
  • Mobile Rules! 08 - Best Mobile Application - Multimedia[9][10]
  • BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2008 - Best in Show[11][12]
  • BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2008 - 1st Place, Most innovative Multimedia Application[11][12]
  • GetJar "Up and Coming" App of the Year 2008[13]


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