Strange Brew (book)

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Strange Brew
Author P.N. Elrod
Cover artist Bruce Emmett
Country United States
Genre Urban fantasy
Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
Publication date
July 2009
Media type Print, paperback
Pages 372
ISBN 978-0-312-38336-7
OCLC 294887379
813'.0876608 dc22
LC Class PS648.O33S77 2009

Strange Brew is an urban fantasy short story anthology, edited by P.N. Elrod. It reached the NYTimes extended bestseller list in July 2009.[citation needed]


  1. "Seeing Eye", by Patricia Briggs
  2. "Last Call", by Jim Butcher
  3. "Death Warmed Over", by Rachel Caine
  4. "Vegas Odds", by Karen Chance
  5. "Hecate's Golden Eye", by P.N. Elrod
  6. "Bacon", by Charlaine Harris
  7. "Signatures of the Dead", by Faith Hunter
  8. "Ginger: A Nocturne City Story", by Caitlin Kittredge
  9. "Dark Sins", by Jenna Maclaine


Rich Horton, in Fantasy Magazine, says, "Some of these stories seem rushed or rudimentary. Some lean a shade too much on a presumption of familiarity with the novels featuring the stories’ characters." He continues, "But there is a fair amount of enjoyable fiction here as well."[1]

BSCreview reviewer, amberdrake [sic], says, "For the most part, this anthology was highly entertaining", and "definitely worth picking up, especially if you like stories about witches or if some of these authors are your favorites".[2]

Strange Brew won Honorable Mention in the Pearl Award for best anthology, 2009.[3]


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