Strange Brotherhood

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Strange Brotherhood
NMA strange brotherhood.jpg
Studio album by New Model Army (band)
Released 1998
Genre Rock
Length 56:59
Label Attack Attack
Producer Simon Dawson, Mike Gregovich
New Model Army (band) chronology
B-Sides and Abandoned Tracks
Strange Brotherhood
All of This - The "Live" Rarities
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[1]

Strange Brotherhood was released in 1998 and is the seventh studio album by British rock band, New Model Army and the first on their own independent label, Attack Attack Records.

The album was produced by Simon Dawson except for the tracks "Whites of Their Eyes" and "Queen of My Heart" which were produced by Mike Gregovich. The album featured the guest guitarist, Dave Blomberg, and also an orchestral arrangement.

This album is also notable in being the last studio album to feature New Model Army founding member, Robert Heaton.


"Wonderful Way to Go" was released as a single in March 1998 with two separate releases as "Part One of Two" and "Part Two of Two" and "Queen of My Heart" and "Brother" were released as a double A-side in May 1998.


The album was originally released as a 12-track CD in May 1998 along with a limited edition digipak two CD version including sticker and lyric booklet. The bonus CD containing "See You in Hell", "Sunset", and live versions of "Ballad of Bodmin Pill" and "The Hunt".

A limited edition fan club version was released in July 1998 as a triple LP with the original tracks on the first two records and adding the tracks "Brother", "Southwest", "Rainy Night 65", "Refugee", "Sunset", "Caslen" and "See You in Hell" on the third record.

Track listing[edit]

Standard CD version[edit]

  1. "Wonderful Way to Go" (Justin Sullivan, Robert Heaton) – 5:44
  2. "Whites of Their Eyes" (Sullivan, Heaton) – 4:41
  3. "Aimless Desire" (Sullivan, Heaton) – 5:05
  4. "Over the Wire" (Sullivan, Heaton) – 3:27
  5. "Queen of My Heart" (Sullivan, Heaton) – 4:15
  6. "Gigabyte Wars" (Sullivan, Heaton) – 4:15
  7. "Killing" (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson, Dave Blomberg) – 5:43
  8. "No Pain" (Sullivan) – 4:55
  9. "Headlights" (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson) – 5:35
  10. "Big Blue" (Sullivan, Heaton) – 4:21
  11. "Long Goodbye" (Sullivan) – 3:18
  12. "Lullaby" (Sullivan) – 5:40

Bonus CD[edit]

  1. "See You in Hell" (Sullivan, Heaton)
  2. "Sunset" (Sullivan)
  3. "Ballad of Bodmin Pill" (live) (Sullivan, Heaton)
  4. "The Hunt" (live) (Sullivan, Heaton)

Third record from fan club edition[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Brother" (Sullivan)
  2. "Southwest" (Sullivan)
  3. "Rainy Night 65" (Sullivan, Heaton)

Side two[edit]

  1. "Refugee" (Sullivan, Heaton)
  2. "Sunset" (Sullivan, Heaton)
  3. "Caslen" (Nelson)
  4. "See You in Hell" (Sullivan, Heaton)



  • Simon Dawson – producer ("Wonderful Way to Go", "Aimless Desire", "Over the Wire", "Gigabyte Wars", "Killing", "No Pain", "Headlights", "Big Blue", "Long Goodbye", "Lullaby"), mixed by ("No Pain", "Big Blue")
  • Mike Gregovich – producer ("White of Their Eyes", "Queen of My Heart"), mixed by ("Wonderful Way to Go", "Whites of Their Eyes", "Queen of My Heart", "Gigabyte Wars", "Killing", "Headlights", "Long Goodbye", "Lullaby")
  • Mark Dodson – mixed by ("Aimless Desire", "Over the Wire")
  • Dave Blomburg – editor


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