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Strange Flavour Ltd.
Video game developer
Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded April 2004 (as Strange Flavour Ltd. previously published from 1999 as Strange Flavour)
Headquarters United Kingdom
Key people
Aaron Fothergill, Adam Fothergill
Products Mac/iPhone oriented game developer
Number of employees

Strange Flavour is an independent computer game software developer based in United Kingdom. They are currently (2017) developing and publishing games for iOS, AppleTV and MacOS systems, with games on the iOS, AppleTV and Mac App Stores. Previously, Strange Flavour has also developed games for the Xbox 360.

Strange Flavour frequently collaborated with Freeverse Software with whom they won an Apple Design Award (Most Innovative Mac OS X product) in 2004 for the game ToySight.


developed and self published as Strange Flavour, before the company Strange Flavour Ltd. was officially formed in 2004


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