Strange Relations (Babylon 5)

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"Strange Relations"
Babylon 5 episode
B5 Strange Relations 1.jpg
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 6
Directed by John C. Flinn, III
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Production code 507
Original air date 25 February 1998
Guest appearance(s)

Robin Atkin Downes (Byron)
Joshua Cox (Lt. Corwin)
Walter Koenig (Bester)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Learning Curve"
Next →
"Secrets of the Soul"
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"Strange Relations" is an episode from the fifth season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5.


Bester comes to Babylon 5 with several bloodhound units in an attempt to arrest and detain the colony of rogue telepaths.

Arc significance[edit]

  • "Strange Relations" is set on the day after "Learning Curve".
  • Lochley is Sheridan's first wife from a brief marriage before Anna.
  • Someone has attempted to assassinate Londo Mollari.
  • Bester returns to the station hunting Byron's telepaths.
  • At Delenn's urging, G'Kar becomes Londo Mollari's bodyguard. This could explain G'Kar's presence at the Centauri royal court in Sheridan's glimpses of the future shown in "War Without End".
  • Garibaldi and Lochley appear to have arrived at an amicable understanding with one another.

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