Strange Weather, Isn't It?

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Strange Weather, Isn't It?
Studio album by !!!
Released August 24, 2010
Genre Dance-punk
Length 40:44
Label Warp Records
Producer !!!
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Strange Weather, Isn't It?

Strange Weather, Isn't It? is the fourth album by dance-punk group !!!, released on August 24, 2010, on Warp Records.[1] The album's first single, "AM/FM", was made available as a free download from the band's website and was released on limited edition clear vinyl on July 13, 2010.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "AM/FM" 4:55
2. "The Most Certain Sure" 5:39
3. "Wannagain Wannagain" 3:50
4. "Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass" 5:06
5. "Steady as the Sidewalk Cracks" 4:25
6. "Hollow" 2:48
7. "Jump Back" 3:21
8. "Even Judas Gave Jesus a Kiss" 5:45
9. "The Hammer" 4:54
Total length: 40:44
Bonus Tracks
No. Title Length
10. "Blue" (iTunes bonus track) 5:25
11. "Made of Money" (Japan CD bonus track) 3:07

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[3]
Consequence of Sound 2.5/5 stars[4]
Drowned in Sound (6/10)[5]
InYourSpeakers (78/100)[6]
Pitchfork Media (6.9/10)[7]
Spin 6/10 stars[8]
Slant Magazine 2/5 stars[9]
Soundblab (7/10)[10]

Metacritic rates Strange Weather, Isn't It? as 67 out of 100, stating it has "generally favorable reviews" based on 26 critic scores.[11]

  • InYourSpeakers (Crawford Philleo) – "!!! have finally created an essentially flawless record (at least technically), and surely this is the band at their most accessible, ready-to-break state. Still, the new album is a far cry from anything as memorable as their incredible first album and the timeless and unbelievably amazing 'Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard.'"[6]
  • Pitchfork Media (Larry Fitzmaurice) – "The album's more engaging moments stand out . . . but the general disparity of these few-and-far-between moments amidst the record's more driftless filler sadly cements the fate of Strange Weather, Isn't It?: you'll enjoy it plenty while it's on, but once it's over you might forget it ever existed."[7]
  • musicOMH (Luke Winkie) – "It's practically a soundtrack for pool parties, clubs, and makeshift living room dance sessions. The album knows exactly what it wants to do, and accomplishes it with grace. You're not going to find nine songs that will keep your hips moving quite like these."[12]
  • Slant Magazine (Kevin Liedel) – "If Strange Weather, Isn't It? achieves anything, it's blind, technical dedication to beat-centric music. Like a drum machine left on play and then abandoned by its programmer, the album is relentless in its speed to go nowhere, pounding and tapping and clicking with nothing more than artificial purpose. . . Simply put, Strange Weather, Isn't It? is beat for the sake of beat."[9]


  • Nic Offer - vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Justin Van Der Volgen - bass, guitar, effects
  • Mario Andreoni - guitar, bass
  • Tyler Pope - guitar, bass
  • Allan Wilson - keyboards, saxophone, percussion
  • Guy Licatta (tracks: 1 to 5), Jerry Fuchs (tracks: 9), Paul Quattrone (tracks: 1, 3, 6 to 8) - drums
  • Clarice Jensen - cello
  • Jason Disu, Nick Roseboro - horns
  • Daniel Gorman - keyboards
  • Caito Sanchez - percussions
  • Nadia Sirota - viola
  • Caleb Burhausm, Yuki Numata - violin
  • Ifeoluwa Babalola (tracks: 5, 6, 8), Olivia Mori (tracks: 1), Shannon Funchess (tracks: 3 to 5, 8) - vocals