Stranger by the Minute

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"Stranger by the Minute"
Porcupine tree stranger.jpg
Single by Porcupine Tree
from the album Stupid Dream
Released October 1999
Genre Progressive rock

11:13 (CD)

7:49 (7" vinyl)
Label KScope / Snapper
Porcupine Tree singles chronology
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"Stranger by the Minute"
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Alternative Cover
Cover of the 7" vinyl
Cover of the 7" vinyl

"Stranger by the Minute" is a single by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree, released in October 1999, from the Stupid Dream album. It came in two formats: a regular CD and a 7" vinyl (limited to 1.000 copies) which features "Hallogallo", a Neu! cover. It was originally intended to include the complete version of "Even Less" on the single, but this would have meant exceeding the maximum running time allowed for a single in the UK. The CD, besides the video for "Piano Lessons", contains a Macromedia presentation including band photos, lyrics, the discography, and more.

Track listing (CD)[edit]

  1. "Stranger by the Minute (Edit)" - 3:47
  2. "Even Less (Part 2)" - 7:26
  3. "VIDEO: Piano Lessons" - 3:30

Track listing (7" vinyl)[edit]

  1. A/ "Stranger by the Minute (Edit)" 3:45
  2. B/ "Hallogallo" 4:04
  • All titles by Steven Wilson, except "Hallogallo" by Rother/Dinger (Neu!).
  • "Hallogallo" was originally recorded in 1995 and issued on the Insignificance cassette. This version has been remixed and slightly extended.


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