Stranger in the House (1997 film)

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Stranger in the House is a 1997 thriller film. Based on a Georges Simenon novel, it is a remake of an earlier (1967) film, itself a remake of a 1942 French film. The 1997 version was directed by Rodney Gibbons and written by Peter Liapis. It stars Michele Greene as Joanna Winters, Bruce Dinsmore as Dan Winters, Steve Railsback as Jack Derby, and Kathleen Kinmont as Dorothy Liddell.


In this thriller, a jewel thief's mistake during a diamond robbery forces him to stash the loot at the crime scene where he left a female executive for dead. In order to finish the heist, however, the crook must avoid an insurance adjuster and an enraged husband, setting off a string of murders and betrayal.[1]

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