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StrataVision 3D
Stable release
5.0 / 1998
Operating systemClassic Mac OS
Type3D computer graphics

StrataVision 3D was a comprehensive 3D computer graphics software package by Strata. Features include primitives-based modeling with texturising, keyframe animation, raytrace and later radiosity rendering. It is notable for being part of the first wave of 3D graphics in desktop publishing. One particular milestone was rendering the environment in the blockbuster game Myst entirely using StrataVision. The MultiMedia Novel, Sinkha, and the Warner Bros 3D Looney Tunes Project were also created initially using this software.


StrataVision was released as the first product of the Strata company in 1989 to facilitate professional 3D graphics on regular desktop Macs. In 1993 StudioPro was added to the product line, with StrataVision remaining a reduced-feature "light" version. In May 2000 the Strata product lineup was consolidated into Strata 3D which is still developed to this day.

Version release history[edit]

  • 5.0 1998
  • 4.0 1995
  • 3.0 1994
  • 2.6: ?
  • 2.0: ?
  • 1.4: 1990
  • 1.0: August 1989

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