Strategic Name Development

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Strategic Name Development
Industry Branding, Naming
Founded 1992
Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota; USA
Key people
William Lozito, President and Chief Branding Officer; Diane Prange, Senior Vice President and Chief Linguistics Officer

Strategic Name Development is a naming company co-founded in 1992 by William Lozito and Diane Prange. The company’s work spans from naming and nomenclature systems to brand architecture and brand name research.[1]

Strategic Name Development has researched individual perceptions of various brand names,[2] naming suffixes,[3] and restaurant logos,[4] and yearly company name changes.

In 2010, Strategic Name Development created the Strategic Name Development Scholarship program.[5]

Notable brand names created by Strategic Name Development include the Baconator,[6] Wendy's signature sandwich. Strategic Name Development also created the new name, tagline, and logo for Carrington College (US) of DeVry, Inc. and was responsible for the development of the name Cenovus Energy for Encana.[7] Other branding projects include resQ for Bayer,[8] OmniPro for Samsung Group, and Ultra Plush for Georgia-Pacific.

Strategic Name Development is also the publisher of the naming and branding blog Name Wire.[9]


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