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Summer 2016 Cover.jpg
Editor Art Kleiner (2005-Present)
Randall Rothenberg(2000–2005)
Joel Kurtzman (1995–1999)
Categories Finance; global perspective; innovation; marketing, media, and sales; operations and manufacturing; organizations and people; strategy and leadership; sustainability; auto, airlines, and transport; consumer products; energy; healthcare; technology; business literature; recent research; and thought leaders
Frequency Quarterly (print, digital edition, apps), daily (online)
Format Business Periodical
Publisher Gretchen Hall
Total circulation
Year founded 1995
Company certain member firms of the PwC network
Based in New York City
Language English
ISSN 1083-706X

The publication strategy+business is a business magazine focusing on management issues and corporate strategy. Headquartered in New York, it is published by certain member firms of the PricewaterhouseCoopers network. Prior to the separation of Booz & Company (now Strategy&[1]) from Booz Allen Hamilton in 2008, strategy+business was published by Booz Allen Hamilton, which launched the magazine, then titled Strategy & Business, in 1995. Full issues of strategy+business appear in print and digital edition form[2] on a quarterly basis, and other original material is published daily on the website:[3]

Articles cover a range of industry and organizational topics that are of interest to CEOs and other senior executives as well as to business thinkers, academics, and researchers. The articles, written in English, are authored by a mix of leading figures from both the executive suite and academia in addition to journalists and consultants from PwC.

The magazine’s founding editor-in-chief, Joel Kurtzman, coined the term thought leadership when he published interviews with influential business figures under the rubric “Thought Leaders.” [4] Today, interviews with “Thought Leaders” remain a recurring column in the print magazine and on the website.[5]

Over the years, the magazine’s contributors have included Warren Bennis, Ram Charan, Stewart Brand, Nicholas Carr, Denise Caruso, Ram Charan, Glenn Hubbard, Sheena Iyengar, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Jon Katzenbach, A.G. Lafley, Franco Modigliani, Kenichi Ohmae, C.K. Prahalad (including his posthumous last article),[6] Sally Helgesen, Marshall Goldsmith, and Peter Senge. Those interviewed as thought leaders include Bob Wright, Vineet Jain, Sir Martin Sorrell, Tom Peters, Joe Kaeser, Jonathan Haidt, Bran Ferren, Frances Hesselbein, Andrew Ng, Geoffrey West, Mark Bertolini, Ellen Langer, Zhang Ruimin, Rita Gunther McGrath, Christine Bader, Eric Ries, Douglas Rushkoff, David Kantor, Douglas Conant, Cynthia Montgomery, Clayton Christensen, Betty Sue Flowers, Rakesh Khurana, Carrie Cullen Hitt, Philip Bobbitt, John Chambers, Arie de Geus, Gary Hamel, Charles Handy, Daniel Kahneman, John Kao, Sylvia Nasar, Carlota Perez, Paul Romer, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Meg Wheatley. The magazine also features the work of a variety of illustrators and photographers, including Guy Billout, Seymour Chwast, Lars Leetaru, the late Peter Gregoire, Dan Page, and Heads of State.

Strategy+business also publishes an annual feature called “Best Business Books,” [7] one of the few places where business books are evaluated and reviewed systematically. Writers of these essays (who select the books in each category) have included Bethany McLean, Catharine P. Taylor, Theodore Kinni, Frances Cairncross, Marc Levinson, Ken Favaro, Clive Crook, R. Gopalakrishnan, Sally Helgesen, Krisztina "Z" Holly, Walter Kiechel III, Steven Levy, Nell Minow, James O’Toole, Howard Rheingold, Kenneth Roman, Phil Rosenzweig, Michael Schrage, David Warsh, and Dov Zakheim.


Strategy+business claims a global audience of more than 1,300,000 readers, with a circulation of about 570,000 through its print and digital editions,[8] including sales at newsstands and airports, and an opt-in audience of more than 170,000 for its email newsletters.[9] The magazine has drawn more than 500,000 Web registrants and 300,000-plus readers on social media.[10] According to a recent study analyzing s+b’s readership, 34 percent of s+b print readers are C-suite and senior executives and 39 percent have served on a board of directors. Approximately 80 percent of readers have pursued post-graduate degrees, 92 percent hold professional or managerial positions, and their average household net worth is more than US$1.6 million.[11]

Mission statement[edit]

The strategy+business mission statement appears on the magazine’s website. It states that the magazine is published “for decision makers in businesses and organizations around the world. Our purpose is to illuminate the complex choices that leaders face—in strategy, marketing, operations, human capital, governance, and other domains—and the impact of their decisions.”[12]


The late Joel Kurtzman,[13] formerly editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review and a business editor and columnist at the New York Times—together with a group of partners at Booz & Company, then part of Booz Allen Hamilton—founded strategy+business in 1995. A collection of Kurtzman’s Thought Leader columns was published in book form, Thought Leaders: Insights on the Future of Business (Jossey-Bass, 1997). Kurtzman served as editor-in-chief between 1995 and 1999.

Randall Rothenberg succeeded Kurtzman, serving as editor-in-chief between 2000 and 2005. Previously, Rothenberg had been an editor of the New York Times Magazine and had also served as the newspaper’s advertising columnist. He redesigned strategy+business, introduced the “Best Business Books” feature, and expanded coverage of the burgeoning electronic media infrastructure. Rothenberg’s first major issue, which was published in February 2000, was titled “E-Business: Lessons from Planet Earth,” and it contained articles that prophesied the dot-com crash that occurred several months later. During Rothenberg’s tenure, the strategy+business staff was formally brought into the Booz Allen Hamilton operation; prior to that, the magazine was a standalone, contracted enterprise.

By 2002, the firm’s e-commerce businesses had hit serious headwinds, and the future of strategy+business was not certain. But Booz Allen’s partners decided to keep publishing it. Rothenberg began developing what he and Cesare Mainardi (then an influential partner in North America’s commercial practice and a former chief executive officer at Strategy&) called the “functional agenda.” They started to build a body of research and practice around six major functions: strategy and leadership; innovation; organizations and people; marketing and sales; mergers and restructuring; and operations. Many of the regular, annual features in strategy+business—including the “Global Innovation 1000” survey of top R&D spenders and the “CEO Succession” report on CEO tenure—date back to this effort.

The current editor-in-chief, Art Kleiner, succeeded Rothenberg in 2005. A writer, lecturer, and commentator, Kleiner is the author of The Age of Heretics: A History of the Radical Thinkers Who Reinvented Corporate Management (Currency/Doubleday, 1996; rev’d. ed., 2008, Jossey-Bass) [14] and Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege, and Success (Currency/Doubleday, 2003).[15]

During Kleiner’s tenure, the magazine has published influential articles on such topics as neuroscience and leadership (a 2006 article by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz led to the establishment of the field of neuroleadership),[16] women in emerging markets (“The Third Billion”),[17] capabilities-driven strategy, investment in infrastructure, organizational culture, long-wave theories of economic change, and market dislocation.[18]

After a private equity takeover by the Carlyle Group in 2008, Booz Allen Hamilton was split into two entities. At that time, strategy+business became the flagship publication of the global commercial firm, Booz & Company (now known as Strategy&).[19] Strategy& is part of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which acquired the former Booz & Company on April 3, 2014.[20]

Editorial approach[edit]

Strategy+business offers a mix of bylined articles by corporate leaders, business thinkers, academics, researchers, journalists, and PwC and Strategy& consultants. The articles are primarily written for chief executives and other senior managers, with the goal of providing ideas and analysis that can serve as the basis for thoughtful action.[21] “Every major strategic decision is a bet on some theory about the way the world really works,” says Editor-in-Chief Art Kleiner on the company's website.[22]Strategy+business explores those bets and the theories on which they are based. Our objective is to be the leading source for the best ideas in global business — and the resource that best serves CEOs and other strategic thinkers who want to achieve enduring results.”

Other noteworthy thinkers have commented on the magazine's content and contribution to management thinking:

“Month after month, year after year, they’ve got what I think is the right stuff.… [The] content is solid gold,” according to Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence.

“In a sea of management journals, strategy+business stands out as interesting, wise, and informative,” said Lynda Gratton, professor of management at the London Business School and author of The Shift.

“For a true strategy junkie, strategy+business is an invaluable resource—lots of great thinking, all in one place. Many of the field’s most important ideas first saw the light of day here,” remarked Rita Gunther McGrath, author of The End of Competitive Advantage.

“From its feature articles to its shorter items to its comprehensive coverage of business books, s+b offers a masterful blend of big ideas and practical execution. This is one journal that is a must-read for anyone who cares about business,” said Daniel Pink, author of Drive, To Sell is Human, and A Whole New Mind

Management expert and best-selling business author Ram Charan noted, “strategy+business has become the best business magazine published anywhere, including HBR.”

Leading articles and ideas[edit]

Regular features include “Thought Leader” interviews; “Recent Research” columns, which are short reports on the latest academic studies and their implications for real-world corporate action; "Young Profs" interviews and columns, which are interviews with up-and-coming business leaders and academics, and “Books in Brief,” which are reviews of new books on business and management topics. “Best Business Books,” a roundup and assessment of the year’s most important books, is published in the Winter issue.

Strategy+business also publishes two major studies each year, based on research conducted by Strategy&:

—“CEO Success Study,” an overview of the trends affecting the tenure of chief executive officers and the nature of turnover in the role[23]

—“Global Innovation 1000,” a report that examines corporate spending on research and development[24]

Among the magazine’s most popular recent articles, based on Web page views, are the following:

10 Principles of Organization Design[25]
The Future of Management Is Teal[26]
What Self-Made Billionaires Do Best[27]

10 Principles of Leading Change Management[28]
Kill Your Performance Ratings[29]
How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Model[30]

Some of the magazine’s most popular past pieces have been collected in “15 Years, 50 Classics,” published in 2010.[31] In 2015, s+b celebrated two decades with a special collection of online essays,[32] including an interactive history of management theory titled "20 Questions for Business Leaders."[33]


Recent awards include:

  • ASBPE Gold National, Enewsletter/General Excellence, Ideas That Work[35]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Enewsletter/General Excellence, Ideas That Work[36]
  • ASBPE Silver National, Website Home Page Design,[35]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Website Home Page Design,[36]
  • ASBPE Silver National, Feature Article Design, The Power of Immersive Media[35]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Feature Article Design, The Power of Immersive Media[36]
  • ASBPE Silver National, Ebook, 20 Questions for Business Leaders[35]
  • ASBPE Silver Regional Ebook, 20 Questions for Business Leaders[36]
  • ASBPE Bronze National, Individual Profile, Frances Hesselbein's Merit Badge in Leadership[35]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Individual Profile, Frances Hesselbein's Merit Badge in Leadership[36]
  • ASBPE Bronze National, Podcast, What Makes Self-Made Billionaires Different[35]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Podcast, What Makes Self-Made Billionaires Different[36]
  • ASBPE Silver Regional, Photo Gallery/Slideshow, The Foundation of CEMEX's Success—In Pictures[36]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Front Cover Illustration, Spring 2015[36]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Web Article Design,[36]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Website Redesign,[36]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Company Profile, How Adidas Found Its Second Wind[36]
  • TELLY Bronze, Corporate Image for the video What is Corporate Culture, 2016[37]
  • TELLY Bronze, Corporate Image for the video CEO Succession: Why It Pays to Have a Plan, 2016[37]
  • TELLY Bronze, Use of Animation for the video CEO Succession: Why It Pays to Have a Plan, 2016[37]


  • ASBPE Gold National, Blog Analysis/Commentary, s+b Blogs[38]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Blog Analysis/Commentary, s+b Blogs[39]
  • ASBPE Gold National, Company Profile, Long for For Honda, Waigaya Is the Way, Issue 76, Autumn 2014[38]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Company Profile, Long for For Honda, Waigaya Is the Way, Issue 76, Autumn 2014[39]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Web Site Home Page Design[39]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Photo Gallery Slideshow for America's Manufacturing Advantage - In Pictures[39]
  • ASBPE Silver Regional, Feature Article – Design for The Lives and Times of the CEO, Issue 77, Winter 2014[39]
  • ASBPE Bronze National, Web Site Home Page Design[38]
  • ASBPE Bronze, Feature Article – Design for The New Supercompetitors, Issue 76, Autumn 2014[39]
  • ASBPE National Honorable Mention, Best Cross Platform Package for The Lives and Times of the CEO, Issue 77, Winter 2014[38]
  • TELLY Bronze, Corporate Image for the video How your Brain Responds to Performance Rankings, 2014[37]


  • Folio “Eddie” Gold, B-to-B Best Article, Energy/Utilities/Engineering for Waiting for the Digital Grid, Issue 73, Winter 2013[40]
  • ASBPE Gold National, eBook for The Executive Guide to Strategy[41]
  • ASBPE Gold National, Original Research for The Global Innovation 1000: Navigating the Digital Future, Issue 73, Winter 2013[41]
  • ASBPE Silver National, Case History for An Uncommonly Cohesive Conglomerate, Issue 72, Autumn 2013[41]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Case History for An Uncommonly Cohesive Conglomerate, Issue 72, Autumn 2013[42]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Original Research for The Global Innovation 1000: Navigating the Digital Future, Issue 73, Winter 2013[42]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, eBook for The Executive Guide to Strategy[42]
  • ASBPE Gold Regional, Photo Gallery Slideshow for Business Opportunities in the Arctic—In Pictures[42]
  • ASBPE Silver Regional, Blog Analysis/Commentary, s+b Blogs[42]
  • ASBPE Silver Regional, Opening Spread - Photo, Flight of the Drone Maker, Issue 71, Summer 2013[42]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Technical Article, A Skeptic's Guide to 3D Printing, Issue 73, Winter 2013[42]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Front Cover - Illustration, Issue 73, Winter 2013[42]
  • ASBPE Bronze Regional, Website Landing Page Design, strategy+business Video & Multimedia[42]


  • Folio “Eddie” Gold, B-to-B Best Article, Technology/Computing/Telecom for The Global ICT 50: The Supply Side of Digitization, Issue 68, Autumn 2012[43]
  • Folio “Eddie” Gold, B-to-B Best Article, Healthcare/Medical/Nursing for A Strategist's Guide to Personalized Medicine, Issue 69, Winter 2012[43]
  • Folio “Eddie” Honorable Mention, B-to-B Best Article, Government/Public Sector/Education for The University's Dilemma, Issue 69, Winter 2012[43]
  • Folio “Eddie” Honorable Mention, B-to-B Best Article, Transportation/Travel for Flight of the Drone Maker, Issue 71, Summer 2013[43]
  • ASBPE Gold, Overall Typography, Issues 68 and 69, Autumn 2012 and Winter 2012[44]
  • ASBPE Silver, Opening Spread - Illustration, Digitization and Prosperity, Issue 68, Autumn 2012[44]
  • ASBPE Silver, Opening Spread - Photo, A Strategist's Guide to Personalized Medicine, Issue 69, Winter 2012[44]


  • 2012 Forbes Top 25 Websites for CEOs [45]
  • Folio “Ozzie” Silver,[46] Business-to-Business for Best Site Design [47]
  • Folio “Eddie” Silver,[48] B-to-B Technology/Computing/Telecom, Single Article, A “Strategist’s Guide to Digital Fabrication,” Issue 64, Autumn 2011 [49]
  • Folio “Eddie” Bronze, B-to-B Healthcare/Medical/Nursing, Single Article, “Big Pharma’s Uncertain Future,” Issue 66, Spring 2012[50]


  • Folio “Eddie” Bronze,[51] B-to-B Banking/Business/Finance Website
  • Folio “Ozzie” Gold,[52] B-to-B Best Table of Contents, Issue 59, Summer 2010
  • Folio “Ozzie” Gold, B-to-B Best Table of Contents, Issue 59, Summer 2010
  • Folio “Ozzie” Gold, B-to-B Best Use of Typography for “Why We Hate the Oil Companies,” Issue 59, Summer 2010[53]
  • Folio “Ozzie” Silver, Best Use of Illustration, B-to-B above 100,000 Circulation: “Best Business Books 2009,” Issue 57, Winter 2009[54]
  • 2010 American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) Top 10 Magazine of the Year, under $2 million[55]


  • ASBPE Gold,[56] Individual Profile for “Dov Frohman Leads the Hard Way,” Issue 55, Summer 2009[57]
  • ASBPE Gold, Information Graphics, Issue 55, Summer 2009
  • ASBPE Gold, Original Research for “CEO Succession 2008: Stability in the Storm,” Issue 55, Summer 2009[58]


  • ASBPE Gold,[59] How-To Article for “Design for Frugal Growth,” Issue 52, Autumn 2008[60]
  • ASBPE Silver, Original Research for “Beyond Borders: The Global Innovation 1000,” Issue 53, Winter 2008[61]
  • ASBPE Bronze, Information Graphics for Issue 53, Winter 2008•


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