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Stratford Bus Station
London Buses
Stratford Bus Station in June 2009.jpg
Location Stratford
Operated by Transport for London
Bus stands 5
Bus operators
Connections Adjacent to Stratford station
Opened November 1994

Stratford Bus Station serves the Stratford area of the London Borough of Newham, London, England. The station is owned and maintained by Transport for London. The station can be accessed from Great Eastern Road as well as Stratford station.

The bus station opened on 16 November 1994 and comprises five stands including one for National Express and Terravision coach services.

It replaces an older bus station on the site[citation needed], which was situated on the ground floor of a multi-storey car park prior to demolition. This former bus station had an underpass link to the old entrance of Statford station at the eastern end of the present station. Buses arrived at the former bus station at the south-western end as they do presently, but instead of looping back on themselves to leave via the same entry point, instead left from the north-eastern end and used the one-way system to loop around Stratford back onto their planned routes. This system is still occasionally used today for buses that normally return to their routes against the usual flow of the one-way system, most often when roadworks are in place on their normal return route.


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