Strath of Kildonan

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Strath of Kildonan

Strath of Kildonan, also known as Strath Ullie, (Scottish Gaelic: Srath Ilidh), is a strath in Sutherland, in the north of Scotland. It extends in a north-westerly direction from Helmsdale towards Kinbrace.

The River Helmsdale (also known as River Ullie) flows down the strath and into the sea at Helmsdale.

The A897 road runs along the strath, as does the Far North Line, with Kildonan railway station halfway along.[1][2]

In 1869, gold was found in the Strath and was exploited by local crofters and outside prospectors until the enterprise became unprofitable. A following depression in the local economy caused crofters to resume gold digging, which by 1886 brought them into conflict with the Sutherland Estates.


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Coordinates: 58°09′22″N 3°50′42″W / 58.156°N 3.845°W / 58.156; -3.845