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Strathcona County Transit
Strathcona county logo.png
Strathcona County Transit 4723612800.jpg
Founded 1977
Headquarters Sherwood Park
Locale Strathcona County, Alberta
Service type bus service, paratransit
Operator Strathcona County[1]
Website Transit Department

Strathcona County Transit provides local, commuter and school bus services to the community of Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, which is situated just east of Edmonton in Strathcona County. Transportation for elderly citizens and people with disabilities is provided by Strathcona County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) within Sherwood Park and rural Strathcona County.[2]


Expansion of local scheduled weekday services is introduced on August 5, 2008 to provide bus service to newer areas and all-day routes within neighbourhoods.[3] Dial-a-bus service takes over from the regular routes in the evening after 7 p.m. and on weekends.

The transit system provides local bus service within Sherwood Park and express service to destinations like downtown Edmonton, Government Centre, University of Alberta, MacEwan University, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, and the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre.


Bethel Transit Terminal[edit]

Address: 650 Bethel Drive
Coordinates: 53°32′35.5″N 113°18′14.5″W / 53.543194°N 113.304028°W / 53.543194; -113.304028
Functions: park and ride, pass and ticket sales, heated waiting area

Ordze Transit Centre[edit]

Address: 970 Ordze Road
Coordinates: 53°30′47″N 113°19′48.5″W / 53.51306°N 113.330139°W / 53.51306; -113.330139
Functions: park and ride, pass and ticket sales (limited to first working day of the month and last two working days of the month), heated waiting area

Administration and Garage[edit]

Address: 200 Streambank Avenue
Coordinates: 53°33′35″N 113°19′28″W / 53.55972°N 113.32444°W / 53.55972; -113.32444
Functions: main office, garage and vehicle maintenance

Current Routes[edit]

Local Routes[edit]

  • 420 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Millenium Place, Strathmoor Industrial, Millennium Place, Sherwood Business Park
  • 430 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Palisades, ABJ, Emerald Hills, Summerwood, Davidson Creek, Lakeland Ridge, Cloverbar Ranch, Charlton Heights
  • 431 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Charlton Heights, Cloverbar Ranch, Lakeland Ridge, Davidson Creek, Summerwood, Emerald Hills, ABJ, Palisades
  • 432 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Summerwood
  • 433 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Charlton Heights, Lakeland Ridge, Clarkdale Meadows, Davidson Creek
  • 433A - Charlton Heights, Lakeland Ridge, Chelsea Heights, Clarkdale Meadows, Davidson Creek, ABJ - Peak hour route only
  • 440 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Glen Allan, Craigavon, Heritage Hills
  • 441 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Foxboro, Foxhaven, Regency Park, Ordze Transit Centre
  • 442 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Sherwood Park Mall, Nottingham
  • 443 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Glen Allan, Centre in the Park, Brentwood, Maplewood, Maplegrove, Sherwood Heights, Ordze Transit Centre
  • 443A - Bethel Transit Terminal, Brentwood, Maplewood, Maplegrove, Sherwood Heights, Centre in the Park - Peak hours only
  • 443B - Bethel Transit Terminal, Glen Allan, Oak Street - peak hours only
  • 450 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Centre in the Park, Sherwood Park Mall, Oak Street
  • 451 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Mills Haven, Broadmoor Centre, Woodbridge, Westboro, Village on the Lake, Ordze Transit Centre
  • 451A - Bethel Transit Terminal,Woodbridge, Westboro, Village on the Lake
  • 451B - Bethel Transit Terminal, Mills Haven, Broadmoor Centre

Commuter Routes[edit]

  • Ordze Transit Centre - 30 minute peak hour service - hourly midday service. Weekday service only*
  • 401 - Ordze Transit Centre, Downtown Edmonton, MacEwan Downtown
  • 403 - Ordze Transit Centre, Government Centre, MacEwan
  • 404 - OrdzeTransit Centre, University of Alberta
  • Bethel Transit Terminal - 15 minute peak hour service - 30 minute midday service. Terminal open 7-days/week
  • 411 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Edmonton City Centre, MacEwan
  • 413 - Bethel Transit Terminal, Government Centre, MacEwan University, NAIT
  • 414 - Bethel Transit Terminal, University of Alberta


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