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Strathisla Distillery
Region: Speyside
LocationKeith, Moray
OwnerChivas Brothers
Water sourceThe Broomhill Spring.
No. of stills2 wash stills
2 spirit stills
Capacity2,400,000 litres per annum
TypeSingle malt
Age(s)12 Years, 14 Years, 19 Years, 25 Years
Cask type(s)American White Oak, Ex-Bourbon Casks (Main)
ABV40% - 43%

Strathisla distillery is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the Scottish Highlands.[1][2][3][4]


It was founded as the Milltown Distillery by George Taylor and Alexander Milne in 1786 as an alternative to the waning of the flax dressing industry. They leased the land from the Earl of Seafield. By 1830, the distillery was owned by William Longmore, later William Longmore Ltd. In 1879, the distillery suffered terribly from a fire, but was rebuilt with a bottling plant. Bought in 1940 by Jay Pomeroy, a fraudulent financier, it was later acquired in 1950 by James Barclay of Chivas Bros.[5]

The Malt Whisky Trail Map

Scotland's Malt Whisky Trail is a tourism initiative featuring seven working Speyside distilleries including Strathisla, a historic distillery (Dallas Dhu, now a museum) and the Speyside Cooperage. According to a BBC article, visitors can tour the "traditional warehouse where the single malts that make up the premium and super premium blends are stored ... [and try the] distinctive mellow honey flavour, offering a full, nutty, balanced whisky".[6]

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Further reading[edit]

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