Strato Fighter

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Strato Fighter.png
Platform(s)Arcade, Xbox
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
DisplayStandard resolution raster

Strato Fighter, otherwise known as Raiga: Strato Fighter, is a 1991 video arcade game developed by Tecmo. It is a horizontal side-scrolling space shooter in which two players may play simultaneously. The game sets players in the year 2135 on a mission to save the Earth from colony-based, militant alien invaders using the MB-OG Raiga (Thunder Fang).


The Raiga has the ability to spin around to attack enemies from behind. Power-ups can be obtained by destroying container ships. The craft's weapons include the Shotgun, Ion launcher, Vertical, Homing Missiles and Bomb attacks along with items such as Speed Ups, Shields and Extends. The spacecraft can also obtain an Option weapon called the Auto Guard; three types of Auto Guards were available such as the target locking Beam Rifle, the powerful Solid Shooter and the standard Blaster item.

In 2005, Strato Fighter was released on the Xbox, as part of the Tecmo Classic Arcade collection.

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