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Stratus (originally "Clive Burr's Escape", then briefly known as "Tygon" and "Stratas"), was a short-lived English melodic hard rock supergroup. It was formed by ex-Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, the Troy brothers from then-inactive Praying Mantis plus ex-Gran Prix vocalist Bernie Shaw and keyboardist Alan Nelson. The band split after only one album, Throwing Shapes released in 1985. Bernie Shaw would become the lead vocalist for Uriah Heep the following year.

The track "Run for Your Life" was featured on the soundtrack to the movie Class of Nuke 'Em High.


Throwing Shapes
Stratus Throwing Shapes album cover.jpg
Studio album by Stratus
Released 1984 [JPN]; 1985
Recorded Dreamboat Studios, Frankfurt, Germany, 1984
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal
Length 37:33
Label Steel Trax (UK)
CBS/Sony (Japan)
Producer Norman Goodman
  • Throwing Shapes - 1985
    1. "Back Street Lovers" (3:51)
    2. "Gimme Something" (4:14)
    3. "Even if It Takes" (4:22)
    4. "Give Me One More Chance" (4:47)
    5. "Never Say No" (4:01)
    6. "Romancer" (3:22)
    7. "Enough Is Enough" (3:40)
    8. "Run for Your Life" (4:33)
    9. "So Tired" (4:46)


  • Bernie Shaw - lead vocals
  • Tino Troy — lead guitar, vocals
  • Alan Nelson — keyboard
  • Chris Troy — bass, vocals
  • Clive Burr - drums, vocals

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