Straub Medical Center

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Straub Medical Center
Straub Clinic and Hospital Logo.jpg
Location Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, United States
Care system Community
Hospital type Non-profit
Network Hawaii Pacific Health
Emergency department Yes
Beds 159
Founded 1921
Lists Hospitals in Hawaii

Straub Medical Center is a fully integrated not-for-profit health care system with a 159-bed hospital in Honolulu, a network of neighborhood clinics and a visiting specialist program that reaches throughout the state of Hawai‘i. With more than 350 employed or contracted physicians who are leaders in their fields, Straub provides its patients with expert diagnoses and treatments for more than 32 different medical specialties, including bone and joint, heart, cancer, endocrinology/diabetes, family medicine, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, internal medicine, women’s health, vascular and urology. Straub is home to the Pacific Region’s only multi-disciplinary burn treatment center. The hospital consistently brings new technologies and innovative medical practices to Hawai‘i, such as minimally invasive cardiac surgery and total joint replacement. Straub is an affiliate of Hawai’i Pacific Health, the state’s largest health care provider.


Straub Clinic, 1958

George F. Straub founded the clinic in 1921. Dr. Straub was educated in Germany and came to practice in Hawaii in 1907. In 1910, he conceived the idea of forming a group of physicians to provide better, more specialized care for his patients. It, however, took over 10 years to bring this idea to fruition.

The first step in 1912 was the construction of a wood frame building at 410 South Beretania Street. Straub established his office on the first floor and his home on the second. By 1916 his practice had grown to the point that he recruited an assistant, Guy C. Milnor. Straub envisioned a clinic providing specialized care in five major fields: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Internal Medicine, ENT, and Clinical Pathology. To this end, he next enlisted Arthur Jackson, a specialist in internal medicine in 1920 and the group carried on for a short time as Straub, Milnor, and Jackson.

In the latter part of 1920, Howard Clarke resigned his commission in the United States Army and joined as a specialist in Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Eric A Fennel also left the Army about this time and joined the group as pathologist.

In January, 1921, the five founding partners formally organized themselves as a legal partnership. At Straub's insistence the group he founded did not bear his name, and it was to be known simply as "The Clinic". A specialist in internal medicine and radiology, joined the clinic in 1921, a general surgeon in 1922, and a pediatrician joined in 1924.

In 1952 the clinic was renamed "Straub Clinic" in honor of Straub who died in May, 1966. In 2001 it became part of the Hawaii Pacific Health network, with offices on Hawaiʻi Island and Lanaʻi Island.


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