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Strauss Airfield was an airfield constructed between 19 March to 27 April 1942 near Noonamah, Northern Territory, Australia during World War II. It was also known as 27 Mile Field or Humpty Doo Strip.


Constructed by sections of the United States Army 808th Engineer Aviation Battalion, they built a single runway of 5,000 ft × 100 ft (1,524 m × 30 m) wide with associated taxiways and dispersals.

The airfield was officially dedicated as Strauss Field in memory and honour of United States Captain Allison W. Strauss who was killed piloting a P-40 Kittyhawk from the 8th Pursuit Squadron ("The Blacksheep") of the 49th Fighter Group after crashing into Darwin harbour during a Japanese air raid on the Darwin RAAF airfield on 27 April 1942.

Japanese Bombing Raids against Strauss Airfield[edit]

  • 26 November 1942 (03.20 am)
  • 27 November 1942 (03:56 - 04:46 am)

Units based at Strauss Airfield[edit]

Arthur Drakeford, Minister for Air and Civil Aviation, on a tour of No. 76 Squadron RAAF, May 1942
Pilots of No. 452 Squadron RAAF being briefed by the Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader L. T. (Lou) Spence, circa December 1944 (right, kneeling)

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Coordinates: 12°39′32″S 131°04′41″E / 12.659°S 131.078°E / -12.659; 131.078