Straw Man (comics)

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Straw Man
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Dead of Night #11 (August 1975)
Created by Scott Edelman (writer)
Rico Rival (artist)
In-story information
Notable aliases Scarecrow, Skirra Corvus
Abilities Superhuman Strength
Invulnerable, except towards fire
Fear inducement
Plant manipulation
Portal creation
Weather manipulation

The Scarecrow, later named the Straw Man, is a fictional character, a super hero appearing in the Marvel Comics universe.

Publication history[edit]

The Scarecrow was created by Scott Edelman and Rico Rival and first appeared in Dead of Night #11 (August 1975).[1] Gil Kane and Bernie Wrightson provided the cover art. The Scarecrow character originally was scheduled to appear as a feature in Monsters Unleashed and Giant-Size Werewolf but both of those series were cancelled before the Scarecrow feature could appear. It was then rescheduled for Dead of Night[2] and after that series was cancelled as well, the character was to have a self-titled Scarecrow series but it was not published.[3] Edelman and artist Ruben Yandoc produced a follow-up story which appeared in Marvel Spotlight #26 (February 1976),[4] and was eventually concluded by Bill Mantlo in Marvel Two-in-One #18 (August 1976)[5]

Many years later, he was brought back in the pages of Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #31 (July 1991)[6] in which he took on the name "Straw Man" to differentiate himself from the costumed killer the Scarecrow. He subsequently appeared in issues #38[7] and #40 meeting Daredevil in the latter issue.[8]

Scarecrow did not speak in his early appearances, but in his later appearances he did and he pretended to be a newscaster named Skirra Corvus, Latin for "Scarecrow."

Fictional character biography[edit]

The Scarecrow is an extra-dimensional magical entity (possibly a demon) which takes vengeance on its enemies. He lives inside a palimpsest painting of a laughing Scarecrow purchased by Jess Duncan and opposes the centuries-old Cult of Kalumai.[1] The Scarecrow battled demons at a police station to recover the Horn of Kalumai, which would have allowed Kalumai to travel to earth.[4] Kalumai later spread his influence through the painting into a man who was mutated into a fiery creature and then fought the Thing and the Scarecrow.[5] The Straw Man was invited by the Dweller-in-Darkness to join the Fear Lords, but he betrayed them to Doctor Strange.[8]

During the "Fear Itself" storyline, the Straw Man fought against Nightmare's attempt to use the fear brought by the Serpent to become the King of Fear.[9]


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