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A Strawberry Festival is an event and celebration in many towns in North America. In most instances, areas around these towns are, or have been, deeply involved in the production and marketing of strawberries, and the festivals are usually held in late spring around the time of the strawberry harvest. Such festivals generally involve a parade and other community events. People come from all different places yearly. They enjoy the Great Environment and having to eat many Favorite Strawberries in different ways for both adults and children.[1] The Strawberry Festival has also been around for many years, and as of today they continue to celebrate it in many town in North America. Each Town is unique with their strawberry festival celebration.

Festivals by country[edit]

United States[edit]

A float in a Strawberry Festival in Jackson, Tennessee in 1937.




  • La Trinidad, Benguet – In March 2015, 6,000 slices of strawberry cake were served as part of the events at this municipality's Strawberry Festival.[9] The cakes for the slices were prepared using fresh strawberries.[9]




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