Strawberry Mountain (Oregon)

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Strawberry Mountain
Strawberry Mountain Peak.jpg
Strawberry Mountain Peak
Highest point
Elevation9,042 ft (2,756 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence4,080 ft (1,244 m) [2]
ListingOregon county high points
Coordinates44°18′44″N 118°43′00″W / 44.31228785°N 118.716589725°W / 44.31228785; -118.716589725Coordinates: 44°18′44″N 118°43′00″W / 44.31228785°N 118.716589725°W / 44.31228785; -118.716589725[1]
LocationGrant County, Oregon, United States
Parent rangeStrawberry Mountains
Topo mapUSGS Strawberry Mountain

Strawberry Mountain is the highest peak in the Strawberry Mountains of eastern Oregon in the United States. It is the 30th highest point in Oregon.[3] It is within the Malheur National Forest and is the most prominent feature of the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.


The mountain, and nearby Strawberry Creek, were named by homesteader, Nathan Wills Fisk, "because there were wild strawberries in abundance there..." It was originally named "Strawberry Butte", but common usage changed it to Strawberry Mountain, which now appears on official maps.[4][5]


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