Strawberry cake

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Strawberry cake
A strawberry layer cake
A strawberry layer cake filled with whipped cream
CourseDessert, tea, coffee
Main ingredientsCake batter, strawberries
VariationsStrawberry cheesecake

Strawberry cake is a cake that uses strawberry as a primary ingredient.[1] Strawberries may be used in the cake batter, atop cakes and in a strawberry cake's frosting and are typically served cold.


Strawberry cakes may be prepared with strawberries in the batter,[2] with strawberries atop them,[1] with strawberries or a strawberry filling in between the layers of a layer cake,[3] and in any combination thereof. Some are prepared with strawberries incorporated into a frosting.[4][5] Fresh or frozen strawberries may be used.[1][6] Some may utilize strawberry-flavored gelatin as an ingredient,[6][5] which can give the cake a pink color when it is mixed in with the batter.[7] A garnish of strawberries is used on some strawberry cakes.[1] Strawberry cake may be prepared as a gluten-free dish.[8]

Some versions are served chilled,[3][9] and some are frozen and then served in a partially frozen state.[10] Ricotta cheese is sometimes used as an ingredient in the cake batter or as a topping.[11][12] Strawberry cake is sometimes prepared using a prepared cake mix as a base, such as a white cake mix, upon which additional ingredients are added to the batter or atop the cake.[13] It is sometimes prepared and served as a dish on Valentine's Day.[14]



La Trinidad, Benguet Strawberry Festival[edit]

On March 20, 2004 at the Strawberry Festival in the La Trinidad, Benguet municipality of the Philippines, the world's largest strawberry shortcake was prepared and confirmed by Guinness World Records.[15] The cake was prepared by several bakers and weighed a total of 21,213.40 lb (9,622.23 kg).[15]

In March 2015 at the La Trinidad Strawberry Festival, 6,000 slices of strawberry cake were served as part of the events.[16] The cakes for the slices were prepared using fresh strawberries.[16] Additional foods served at the event included strawberry cupcakes, strawberry kutsinta (a steamed rice cake) and strawberry wine.[16] Some bakeries and restaurants purvey strawberry cake as a part of their fare.[17]

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