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Cheesecake with strawberry sauce

Strawberry sauce is a culinary sauce and coulis prepared using strawberries as a main ingredient.[1] It is typically used as a dessert sauce, although it can also be used on savory dishes.[2] Simple versions can be prepared using blended, macerated or crushed strawberries and sugar, along with some cornstarch as a thickener.[3][4] This simple mixture can be cooked to marry the ingredient flavors and to enable the cornstarch to thicken, if used.[3] Lemon juice is also sometimes used as an ingredient.[5] Fresh or frozen strawberries can be used in its preparation.[6]

Strawberry syrup is a type of strawberry sauce. It is a mass-produced food product that is packed into plastic containers and bottles[7] and provided to consumers, businesses and food manufacturers. The syrup is used in the manufacturing of strawberry sodas.[8]


Strawberry sauce is used as a dessert sauce on foods such as cheesecake, ice cream and sundaes, and cakes.[9][10]

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