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Stray Ghost is the artist name of the English composer and sound artist, Anthony Saggers, originally from Banbury, UK and now living in Brighton,UK. He has released music through the record labels, Time Released Sound, Hidden Shoal, Highpoint Lowlife, Dead Pilot, 1631 Recordings, and Phantom Channel.

Anthony is a multi-instrumentalist. His compositions are often piano heavy, with stringed instruments featuring prominently especially in later works.

The music of Stray Ghost is often heavily melancholic, and explores themes of memory and loss.[1][2]

Release history[edit]

In 2008, the English label Highpoint Lowlife released two Stray Ghost albums, Stray Ghost and Losthilde, the latter of which received widespread acclaim,[3][4][5][6] and was included in Textura's 'Top Albums of 2008'.[7] Also released in 2008 were the EPs Fabula/Sjuzhet (Dead Pilot Records)[8] and A House Of Gold And Oak (Phantom Channel).[9]

In September 2009, Dead Pilot Records released the album, An Avalanche of Swollen Tongues.[10][11]

Also, in 2009 Stray Ghost was signed by the Australian record label, Hidden Shoal Recordings, with the EP Each Paradise is a Lost Paradise being released on 28 October that year.[12]

On 4 March 2010, Stray Ghost released his second album. Nothing, but Death. Stray Ghost also announced that he is currently working on a collaborative album, for release in 2010, with Eugene S. Robinson of the band Oxbow.[13]

The collaborative album, named "Chalk White Nights", was released under the name "Stranger by Starlight" in September 2013 through the British label Bad Paintings. [14]

In April 2012, a new Stray Ghost album entitled "Mono No Aware" was released through Japanese label Analogpath.[15]

The album explores the Japanese aesthetic concept of Mono No Aware.

In October 2012, American label Time Released Sound released the fifth full-length Stray Ghost album "Those Who Know Darkness, See The Light", showcasing a slight change in style to a more "neo-classical" sound.[2][16]

In December 2013, Anthony self-released a new album entitled "Mały Wilk".[17]

In May 2014, Stray Ghost self-released the album "So Much to Remember, So Much to Forget". The album spans two discs and includes over two hours of music. According to the composer, the album took four years to finish and he says of it : "The concept behind the album has always been to evoke the entirety of moments which make up a person's lifetime; from childhood through to death, remembered at the end of life through their memories and nostalgic sentiments; just as the moments are soon to be forever forgotten."[18][19]

In late 2015, Stray Ghost signed to Swedish record label 1631 Recordings who began to re-release his back catalogue.[20]


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