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WPP Stream
Founded 2007; 10 years ago (2007)

Stream is a series of digital unconferences hosted by WPP and run by volunteers. The global event takes place in October each year and brings together over three hundred people in the creative, media and technology industries. Attendees discuss, debate, and shape ideas and opportunities in the areas of culture, innovation and the internet.

Stream 07,[1] 08, 09 and '10 have all been hosted by Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, and Yossi Vardi, internet investor, and founder of Kinnernet.

Stream Asia launched in 2011, and Stream Local events now take place in cities around the world (including London, Moscow, São Paulo, Paris and Berlin) where digital leaders can get together to discuss and debate the future.


Participants at Stream events include leaders in the creative, media and technology industries.


Stream is a private event, and is designed for the attendees on-site. However, prominent bloggers and writers have attended the event over the past few years, generating coverage from attendees such as Tim O'Reilly, Jeff Pulver, Andrew Keen and David Rowan, Editor of Wired UK.

Business Week [2] and the Daily Telegraph [3] has covered the event.

Wired UK called it one of the most important tech conferences in the world.[4]

Stream won "Best Conference" at the 2009 Event Awards.


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