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StreamBase Systems was a software company that existed from 2003 until it was acquired by TIBCO Software in 2013.


Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, StreamBase was founded in 2003 to commercialize a project called Aurora set up by Michael Stonebraker at MIT, in conjunction with researchers from Brandeis University and Brown University.[1]

StreamBase offers a complex event processing (CEP) system to analyze and act on real-time streaming data.[2] It combined a development environment, an event server, and connectivity to real-time and historical data. In 2009, analysts reported around 75 customers, including CME Group, PhaseCapital, BlueCrest Capital Management, ConvergEx and RBC Capital Markets.[3] On June 11, 2013 TIBCO Software announced that they had acquired StreamBase and the product was renamed TIBCO StreamBase. At the time of the acquisition, StreamBase had just moved from Lexington, Massachusetts to Waltham, with field offices in New York and London.[4]

Programs running in StreamBase are written primarily in the graphical EventFlow domain-specific language. A textual StreamSQL language whose semantics were at one time roughly equivalent, with a web site maintained by the company through at least 2006.[5] Some features in EventFlow were not added to StreamSQL. EventFlow is a dataflow programming language based on a stream-relational model. The language supports input and output of data on streams, state management in relational tables, a variety of stream-relational algebra operators for combining and manipulating these structures, and also extensibility through integration with Java, R, and other programming languages. Programs written in StreamBase EventFlow are compiled for execution.[6]


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