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StreamBase Systems is a software company based in Waltham, MA, USA. StreamBase was founded in 2003 to commercialize a project called Aurora set up by Michael Stonebraker at MIT, in conjunction with researchers from Brandeis University and Brown University. On June 11, 2013 TIBCO Software announced that they had acquired StreamBase and the company name will now be TIBCO StreamBase. StreamBase offers a complex event processing (CEP) platform for the rapid building of systems that analyze and act on real-time streaming data for instantaneous decision-making, and combines a rapid application development environment, an ultra low-latency high-throughput event server, and connectivity to real-time and historical data. Analysts reported that StreamBase has around 75 customers as of Q2-2009,[1] including CME Group, PhaseCapital, BlueCrest Capital Management, ConvergEx and RBC Capital Markets. At the time of the TIBCO acquisition StreamBase had just moved from Lexington, MA to Waltham, MA, with field offices in New York and London.

StreamSQL EventFlow Language[edit]

Programs running in the StreamBase CEP environment are written in the textual StreamSQL or the graphical EventFlow domain-specific language. Both dialects have equivalent functionality and are dataflow languages based on a stream-relational model. The language supports input and output of data on streams, state management in relational tables, a variety of stream-relational algebra operators for combining and manipulating these structures, and also extensibility through integration with Java, R, and other programming languages. Programs written in StreamBase EventFlow are compiled for execution on the platform, and optimized for latency and throughput.[2]

StreamBase Integration Points[edit]

StreamBase's EventFlow language makes it easy to build custom adapters to streaming and historical data sources. StreamBase lists more than 125 integration points on their, additional StreamBase Components are available on their *Component Exchange. StreamBase became somewhat famous for their *Twitter adapter which they announced in June 2009. This enabled developers to ingest tweets into applications for analysis. StreamBase followed this up with connectivity to new social media data sources and to social media aggregator Gnip in 2012. By 2016 many integrations to Iot (Internet of Things) have become available.

StreamBase LiveView / TIBCO Live Datamart[edit]

Launched in April 2012, *LiveView is a push-based real-time analytics server that allows users to set up continuous queries, alerts and notifications against streaming data. StreamBase at launch offered a desktop client for LiveView built with a number of visualization options. It has been reported that LiveView was developed in partnership with one of StreamBase's major banking clients who used the system to bring together disparate systems in the equities order flow in order to improve their Execution Consulting Service offerings.


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