Streamline Studios

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Streamline Studios
Industry Software & programming, Graphic Outsourcing
Founded Hilversum, Netherlands (2001)
Headquarters Amsterdam
Key people
Stefan Baier, Renier Banninga, Hector R. Fernandez, Alexander L. Fernandez
Products HoopWorld[1]
Number of employees
Slogan Delivering the promise!

Streamline Studios is a video game developer and provider of outsourced production services to the advertising, film and games industries. Streamline Studios specializes in outsourcing, distributed development and branded entertainment and has worked with major brands Coca-Cola, Unreal Tournament 2004, Saints Row, Unreal Tournament 3, Gears of War and James Cameron's Avatar.


HoopWorld is Streamline Studios first IP and was released in July 2010 on WiiWare in North and South America. In August that year the game was also released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand under the title, HoopWorld BasketBrawl.


Currently Streamline Studios operates out of Malaysia but through its proprietary cloud based workflow pipeline, Streamframe, the studio works with remote artists and developers all over the world.

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