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A screenshot of Streamtuner stream directory browser on Kubuntu 5.10.KDE, showing the main window and shoutcast playlist.
Developer(s) Jean-Yves Lefort
Stable release
0.99.99 / December 21, 2004
Operating system Unix-like
Type Audio player
License revised BSD license
Website streamtuner

Streamtuner is a streaming media directory browser. Through the use of a C/Python plugin system, it offers a GTK+ 2.0 interface to Internet radio directories. Streamtuner does not actually play any files, it downloads a list of online radio streams and then tells the unix player (user's option) to play the selected stream. Streamtuner offers hundreds of thousands of music resources in a more common interface.

Streamtuner is free software, released under the terms of the revised BSD license.

There is also a version for the Nokia 770 Internet tablet.

Features of Streamtuner[edit]

  • Browse the SHOUTcast Yellow Pages
  • Browse the Live365 directory
  • Browse the (aka, aka Oddsock) directory
  • Browse the DJ mixes
  • Manage your local music collection, with full support for ID3 and Vorbis metadata editing
  • Listen to streams (through unix player), browse their web page, or record them using programs such as Streamripper
  • Implement new directory handlers as tiny Python scripts or as dynamically loadable modules written in C
  • Retain your favourite streams by bookmarking them
  • Manually add streams to your collection

Streamtuner in the press[edit]

  • Marcel's Linux App of the Month: Streamtuner (July 2005)
  • Tux Magazine: Streamtuner (July 2005)
  • Schumann, Jorg; Schnober, Carsten (June 2004), Streamtuner (PDF), Linux Magazine, pp. 84–85, retrieved 26 February 2012 
  • Orange Crate: Audiophiles' Solution For Net Radio (April 2004)

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