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Street Fighter is a Japanese video game series and multi-media franchise produced by Capcom.

Street Fighter may also refer to:

Capcom franchise[edit]

1974 film trilogy[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • A person who participates in street fighting
  • Streetfighter, a type of customized motorcycle
  • The Streetfighter, an alternative name for Hard Times, a 1975 film starring Charles Bronson
  • Streetfighter, a 1985 album by The Four Seasons
  • Streetfighter, a conceptual ship design that was part of the United States Navy SC-21 program
  • "Street Fighter", a song by Quiet Riot from the 2001 album Guilty Pleasures
  • "Street Fighter", a song by Blackfoot from the 1980 album Tomcattin'

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