Street Full of Surprises

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Street Full of Surprises
Russian: Улица полна неожиданностей
Directed bySergei Sidelyov
Written byLeonid Karasyov
Music byNadezhda Simonyan
CinematographySergei Ivanov
Edited byRaisa Izakson
CountrySoviet Union

Street Full of Surprises (Russian: Улица полна неожиданностей) is a 1957 Soviet comedy film directed by Sergei Sidelyov.[1][2][3][4]


The film takes place in Leningrad. Chief Accountant, Smirnov, being in the booth of the traffic controller, violates traffic rules. But guard is brought to the police station instead of him Vodnev, the cashier of Stroytrest, the father of his beloved girl. The guard does admit that he was wrong, but he does not apologize. But, nevertheless, he will soon have a chance to fulfill his duty...[5]



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