Street Legal (Canadian TV series)

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Street Legal
Street Legal
StarringSonja Smits
C. David Johnson
Eric Peterson
Cynthia Dale
Country of originCanada
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes124
Running time60 minutes
Original networkCBC Television
Original releaseJanuary 6, 1987 – November 6, 1994

Street Legal is a Canadian legal drama television series, which aired on CBC Television from 1987 to 1994 and is slated to return with new episodes in winter 2019.[1][2]

Street Legal was the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in the history of Canadian television, holding the record for twenty years before being surpassed by Heartland's 125th episode on October 18, 2014.[3]


Street Legal focused on the professional and private lives of the partners in a small Toronto, Ontario law firm. The primary stars were Sonja Smits, Eric Peterson and C. David Johnson, and the cast also included Julie Khaner, Albert Schultz, Cynthia Dale, Maria del Mar, Ron Lea, Anthony Sherwood and Diane Polley.

The series was distinctively Canadian, in the use of Canadian court customs and procedures. Much of the show's music was composed by Eric Robertson who was nominated for a Gemini Award in 1987 for his work on the show.

Cast and characters[edit]

In the early episodes, the show's three core characters were Carrie Barr (Smits), Leon Robinovitch (Peterson) and Chuck Tchobanian (Johnson), partners in the small downtown Toronto law firm of Barr, Robinovitch and Tchobanian. The three did not necessarily always see eye to eye on things: Tchobanian was a flashy, confident and conservative lawyer who was most interested in taking high-profile cases that would get his name into the media; Robinovitch was an activist labour lawyer who believed in defending the little guy and mounted a campaign for Mayor of Toronto during the series run; Barr was a soft-spoken and initially naïve young lawyer who was sometimes forced to mediate between her more opinionated partners. According to series producer Maryke McEwen, "if you want to label the characters I'd call them Liberal, Conservative and NDP."[4]

Characters introduced later included Mercedes (Sealy-Smith), the firm's no-nonsense office manager; Olivia Novak (Dale), an aggressive, risk-taking new lawyer with the firm who was a foil for Carrie and a love interest for Chuck; Alana Newman (Khaner), a judge who was married to Leon; Rob Diamond (Schultz), who joined the firm as a junior lawyer; Dillon Beck (Sherwood), a crown prosecutor who married Carrie; and Laura Crosby (del Mar), a new lawyer who joined the firm after Carrie was killed by a drunk driver.

Show history[edit]

The original series pilot aired on CBC Television in 1986 as Shellgame, a television film written by William Deverell which starred Brenda Robins as a lawyer defending accused murderer André (Germain Houde).[5] The film was not well received by audiences or critics, however, and the project was retooled and recast before premiering as a series in 1987.[6]

The series debuted on January 6, 1987, with a six-episode run that season.[4] Maryke McEwen was the executive producer. Early critical response to the series frequently compared it to the contemporaneous American series L.A. Law, with some reviewers even coining the dismissive epithet T.O. Law.[7] The series then returned for a longer second season in September 1987.[8]

From the third through the seventh seasons, Brenda Greenberg was first senior producer, then executive producer, with Nada Harcourt taking over for the final season.

The show's last regular weekly episode aired on February 18, 1994.[9]

Production wrapped up with the two-hour television film Last Rights, which aired on November 6, 1994. Loosely based on the case of Sue Rodriguez, an assisted suicide activist who died a week before Street Legal's final regular episode aired, the film centred on Olivia's criminal trial after helping a terminally ill friend (Brent Carver) commit suicide.[10] The film drew 1.6 million viewers.[11]


The 2019 revival of Street Legal will centre on Olivia Novak, joining a small boutique law office, RDL Legal, after losing her job with a powerful Bay Street firm.[1] In addition to Dale reprising her original role, the cast will also include Cara Ricketts, Steve Lund and Yvonne Chapman. Peterson and Sherwood are slated to make guest appearances reprising their roles as Leon Robinovitch and Dillon Beck, but are not part of the full-time cast. The series is set to premiere March 4, 2019 on CBC Television[2]



Bernie Zukerman (Remedy, King) and Bruce M. Smith (19-2) are executive producers. Bruce M. Smith is showrunner. Cynthia Dale and Rayne Zukerman are producers. The series is set for a winter 2019 premiere.


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