Street Scene (play)

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Street Scene
Written by Elmer Rice
Characters Abraham Kaplan
Greta Fiorentino
Emma Jones
Olga Olsen
Willie Moran
Anna Moran
Daniel Buchanan
Frank Moran
George Jones
Steve Sanket
Agnes Cushing
Carl Olsen
Shirley Kaplan
Filippo Fiorentino
Alice Simpson
Laura Hildebrand
Mary Hildebrand
Charlie Hildebrand
Samuel Kaplan
Rose Moran
Harry Easter
May Jones
Dick McGann
Vincent Jones
Dr. John Wilson
Officer Harry Murphy
A Milkman
A Letter-Carrier
An Ice-Man
Two College Girls
A Music Student
Marshall James Henry
Fred Cullen
An Old-Clothes Man
An Interne
An Ambulance Driver
A Furniture Mover
Two Nurse-Maids
Two Apartment Hunters
Passers-By (In the 1931 film version those characters with the surname Moran were changed to Maurrant.)
Date premiered January 10, 1929
Place premiered The Playhouse
New York City, New York
Original language English
Setting The exterior of a "walk-up" apartment house in New York City

Street Scene is a play by Elmer Rice that opened at the Playhouse Theatre in New York City on January 10, 1929 and ran for a total of 601 performances.[1] The action of the play takes place entirely on the front stoop of a New York City brownstone and in the adjacent street in the early part of the 20th century. It studies the complex daily lives of the people living in the building (and surrounding neighborhood) and the sense of despair that hovers over their interactions.

The main characters are Anna Maurrant, dealing with issues of infidelity; Rose Maurrant, her daughter, who struggles with the demands of her job and boss and her attraction to a Jewish neighbor, Sam Kaplan; Frank Maurrant, the domineering and sometimes abusive husband and father of Anna and Rose; Sam, a caring and concerned neighbor in love with Rose; and many other neighbors and passersby.

In the script, Rice indicated the play's setting should be "the exterior of a 'walk-up' apartment house in a mean quarter of New York. It is of ugly brownstone."[2] Rice was thinking of a building on West 65th Street in Manhattan while writing the play.[2]

It won the 1929 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.[3] It was included in Burns Mantle's The Best Plays of 1928 - 1929.


Street Scene was adapted by Rice for a film in 1931. It was adapted by Kurt Weill for an opera in 1946.

Sidewalk production[edit]

New York's Brave New World Repertory Theater staged a production on a street in Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood in late June 2013.[2] Fifth Street in the borough was closed for the two matinée performances.[2]


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