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Street Sheet Canada is a street newspaper founded in 1997 by Rodney Graham. The street paper is sold in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The paper is available in Winnipeg, and was formerly available in Saskatoon and Regina. It is not connected with Street Sheet in San Francisco, however it has similar content. Graham, a freelancer in Winnipeg, named it after the San Francisco Street Sheet because he admired the content (especially the editorials of the former editor Chance Martin) of that paper. Street Sheet Canada is designed so that the vendors themselves can run it. By fall of 2007, however, very few vendors remained in Winnipeg, and none in Saskatchewan.

Graham, the founder of the paper, began his writing career as a "defender" of "squeegee kids", youth who left their homes because of dysfunction or abuse and survive by washing car windows at intersections; in the 1990s Winnipeg passed a law against "squeegeeing", which is what prompted Graham to start writing. More recently Graham has been the 'defender' of modern-day hobos and drifters.

Street Sheet is a member of NASNA (North American Street Newspaper Association) and INSP (International Network of Street Papers). It is a bona fide "street newspaper".

Street Sheet (Canada) is a member of North American Street Newspaper Association.