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Street Symphony
Birth name Torrance Esmond
Origin Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Occupation(s) Record producer, Music executive, Entrepreneur
Years active 2006−present
Labels Track Or Die
Associated acts Starlito, Lecrae, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Snootie Wild, Reconcile

Torrance Esmond, better known by his stage name Street Symphony, is an American record producer and music executive from Memphis, Tennessee.


From multi-platinum superstars in search of epic backdrops to mainstream-aimed independent artists in search of commercial accessibility, producer/music executive Torrance “Street Symphony” Esmond is a top source for sounds. The Grammy award-winning Tennessee native and Track Or Die CEO has produced for the likes of Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, Lecrae and more.

Dividing his youth between Memphis and Nashville, Street Symphony was compelled to pursue a career in music after watching an Outkast concert. With roommates owning equipment, the Sean Combs-influenced entrepreneur began making beats by fiddling with the turntables and drum machines through the night in his Middle Tennessee State University dorm. At school, Street juggled prospects of a bountiful career in Electrical Engineering with his visions of music stardom. In the end, he switched majors, formed a notable area Hip-Hop group and went all in. Through performing at college parties, Street Symphony garnered respect and fans on campus, as well as surrounding areas. People took notice, ranging from Street’s early mentor Carlos “6 July” Broady, to NBA champion superstar Gary Payton, who signed the producer to his Rock Solid imprint in 2005. It was there that Street Symphony acquainted himself with big recording studios, honing his original sounding repertoire of beats with the likes of Yo Gotti and Starlito, who were flirting with a Cash Money Records deal. Overnight sessions, traveling, and a tireless hustle gave Street Symphony a director’s chair in the action, as he refined his multi-genre, unique style of music.

Solidifying his presence in Tennessee, Street Symphony took interest in the Houston hustle. As artists like Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and Mike Jones were reaching gold and platinum, Street remembered thinking, “Let me catch this wave.” As he slept on his H-Town friend’s floor, worked a day-job, and devoted off hours to his craft, he networked to shop his tracks to any artists he could reach. “In the evenings, I’d get out and hustle. I’d go to Guitar Center, in the DJ room, and play my beats so everyone could hear.” Local artists took interest, as well as stars like Lil' Keke of the Screwed Up Click.

After finding success in Houston, Street Symphony followed Rap’s next wave to Atlanta. It was there that he connected with Ludacris’s label Disturbing tha Peace working with I-20, Dolla Boy of Playaz Circle & Luda himself. In 2009 he reconnected with friend and former college classmate, Lecrae. With a label, Reach Records behind him, Lecrae hoped to expand his audience and accessibility, attaching the touted-Christian Rap star with music that legitimized his careful message. First contributing to Lecrae’s Rehab album, Street Symphony’s knowledge and sound attracted his longtime friend and the Reach Records’ brass to want him on board. As their flagship artist was kicking down mainstream doors, Street had a musical style and a Rolodex that functioned as a key to the industry’s doors. In the subsequent two years, Street Symphony would handle artist and repertoire and executive production of Lecrae’s music, especially surrounding his acclaimed Church Clothes mixtape series. In their time together, Lecrae garnered a Top 3 debut, as Street Symphony earned his first GMA Dove Award and Grammy Award, for 2012’s Gravity. Continuing his success with Lecrae, Esmond returned to the 2015 GRAMMY Awards, winning as co-writer & producer for Best Christian Contemporary Music Performance/Song, "Messengers".

Following his achievements in the Christian Hip Hop subgenre with Lecrae, Street Symphony returned to the mainstream focusing on his Track Or Die production company. After affiliation from working together in The Playaz Circle days, 2 Chainz welcomed Street Symphony to the studio to assist in crafting the EP, Freebase—including video single “Trap Back.”[1] Additional frequent collaborators include: Yo Gotti, Starlito,[2] Don Trip, Snootie Wild, and Tracy T.

Once shopping his sound from Tennessee to Texas to Georgia, top artists are now the ones traveling to Street Symphony to maestro their music.

Track Or Die[edit]

After two years of working on staff as Vice President of A&R, Street Symphony departed from Reach Records. In February 2014, he started his own production company called Track Or Die. There are currently three producers signed to Track Or Die: D.O. Speaks and the two-man team 808XEliTE. In 2015, Street Symphony signed Reconcile [3] and Pop/Soul singer Genra to his label.

In-House Producers

Production credits[edit]

The following is a list of songs produced or co-produced by Street Symphony.


Yo Gotti - I Told U So (with DJ Drama)

  • 14. Work Hard Play Hard (featuring Block Burnaz)


Starlito - Starlito's Way: I Am Not Your Friend

  • 11. Mo Problems

Darquan - Non Album Single

  • 01. Err'Body on D


I-20 - Non Album Single


Lil Scrappy - Non Album Single

Clyde Carson - Bass Rock

B.G. - Built To Last 1.5

Starlito - I Love You, Too Much: The Necessary Evils

  • 08. I Don't Believe Her

Starlito - The Tenn-A-Keyan 3

  • 21. Grind Hard Cypher

Darquan - Non Album Single

  • 01. Crazee


I-20 - Non Album Single

Arab - The Package

  • 07. Go
  • 09. 31st Floor

Dolla Boy of Playaz Circle - It's Official

  • 15. Oxygen (featuring J. Hard)

Lecrae - Rehab

  • 09. New Shalom (featuring Derek Minor)

Starlito - Starlito's Way 3: Life Insurance

  • 03. SW3


Lecrae - Rehab: The Overdose

  • 01. Overdose
  • 05. Blow Your High (featuring Canon)

Trina - Diamonds Are Forever

Tedashii - Blacklight

  • 09. Go Until I'm Gone (featuring Thi'sl)

Thi'sl - Beautiful Monster

  • 08. My Radio On Drugs
  • 11. It's Not About Me (featuring Pettidee)


Json - Growing Pains

  • 02. Making Me Over (featuring Pastor AD3 and Tedashii)

Swoope - Wake Up

Lecrae - Church Clothes

  • Executive producer
  • 01. Co-Sign
  • 04. Cold World (featuring Tasha Catour)
  • 12. No Regrets (featuring Suzy Rock)

KB - Weight & Glory

Canon - Non Album Single

  • 01. Work

Alex Faith - Honest 2 God

  • 04. Georgia Clay (featuring JAMM)

Lecrae - Gravity


Andy Mineo - Heroes for Sale

Scotty - F.A.I.T.H. (Forever Atlanta In The Heart)

  • 17. Fuss And Fight (featuring Lecrae)

Derek Minor - Minorville

  • 02. In God We Trust featuring Thi'sl)
  • 12. Dear Mr. Christian (featuring Dee-1 and Lecrae)

Starlito & Don Trip - Step Brothers 2

  • 01. Paper, Rock, Scissors

Lecrae - Church Clothes 2

  • Executive Producer
  • 01. Co-Sign pt. 2
  • 02. Believe
  • 07. Sell Out
  • 15. My Whole Life Changed
  • 17. Hang On


Don Trip - Randy Savage

  • 04. Road Warriors (featuring Starlito)
  • 07. Cream of the Crop
  • 08. Neil Armstrong

2 Chainz - Freebase

  • 01. Trap Back

Tracy T - The Wolf of All Streets

  • 14. Save Me [4]

Lecrae - Anomaly

Wave Chapelle - Only The Beginning

  • 05. I Want It All

Snootie Wild - Go Mode

Scotty - Spaghetti Junction

  • 10. Long Day 2ma
  • 15. Stealing Shit

Starlito - Black Sheep Don't Grin

  • 10. She Just Want The Money (featuring Don Trip, Petty & WILX)
  • 12. No Rearview TWO (featuring Don Trip and Yo Gotti)


Yo Gotti - Concealed (with DJ Drama)

  • 03. Super Power [5]

Neek Bucks - Here For A Reason 2

Plane Jaymes - Vape Music Vol 1

  • 06. Align

Starlito - Introversion

  • 18. It's OK (featuring Robin Raynelle)
  • 20. 10,000 Hours

Rikki Blu - Non Album Single

  • 01. Holy Vices [6]

Don Trip - GodSpeed

  • 07. Get Away (featuring Singa B)
  • 17. Losing Streak

Awards and achievements[edit]