Street Thief

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Street Thief
Directed byMalik Bader
Produced bySam Bader, Derrick Grahn
Written byDerrick Grahn
StarringMalik Bader
Music byPhirefones (Berlin, Germany) (Julian Boyd, Tobias Vethake, Simon Ayton)
Release date
August 7, 2006
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited States

Street Thief is a 2006 documentary-style fictional film that follows the life of putative Chicago burglar Kaspar Karr (alternatively Kaspar Carr), played by Malik Bader. The film was directed by Malik Bader.[1]

The film was met with favorable reception at the Tribeca Film Festival.[2][3] Although filmed as though it were a documentary, the movie and story line are fictional.[4]

Although no crimes were committed during the filming, all of the burglaries and tactics employed in the film are said to have been based on actual crimes.[5]


The movie follows the life of Chicago burglar Kaspar Karr. In the introduction, Kaspar cases and robs a Mexican Grocery Store. He counts up his score and a small interview follows where Kaspar introduces himself. He refuses to answer certain questions. His next mark is another grocery owned by Indians. He shows his expertise in social engineering, stalking, and intelligence gathering and discusses his careful, meticulous planning cycles.

Soon afterwards, before the heist, he calls the camera crew to follow him case another joint. The director is introduced as he begins to interject with questions and worries about the new mark. The night after, Kaspar and the crew break into the club. With no lay out or plan, Kaspar desperately ravages the owner's office until he finds a drawer full of money, at which point he begins to panic and tells the director to turn the camera off.

Two months pass and Kaspar contacts the crew to shoot once more. The local Cinemark in a suburban neighborhood is the new mark. Kaspar succeeds in constructing a new plan and, after much staking out, pulls off the heist with no problems while the crew films him. Three days later the crew pass by Kaspar's warehouse to find the police in the parking lot. The crew learns that Kaspar Karr's car was discovered with a large amount of blood in and around it.

The film ends with speculation as to whether Kaspar was killed in retaliation by the owner of the club, or left the Chicago area to start his life over elsewhere.


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